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Change is the only consistency in business today. Technology and its effect on consumers cannot be understated. That is why we value clarity. Clarity turns indifference into focus, chaos to order and distance to intimacy. Without clarity, there is no direction. Pointing the way helps others help themselves, empowers them to move and to reach beyond what they think they see.

Clear Compass Digital Group embraces the ideas of clear thinking, tried-and-true business practices and looking around the corner to see what's next. Let's find the way together.

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What We Do

Clear Compass Digital Group provides quality leads to clients in the performance marketing space. Here's the better news. We own our offers. We own our data. We've developed full in-house analytics to continuously optimize our offers and flow paths.

We've taken what we've learned in the cash advance market and applied it to our current offerings that concentrate on financial verticals, including auto finance and installment loans. We also have experience with the education and insurance markets.

About Us

About ClearCDG chart Clear Compass Digital Group (CCDG) is a fully-integrated online marketing company delivering quality traffic in the financial, automotive and insurance verticals. We are financial industry veterans, multi-disciplined marketers and technology-driven users helping our partners profit in the performance marketing space.

We concentrate on cash advance, installment loans, auto finance, insurance and education verticals. Our mantra is continuous testing, data analysis and optimization. We use that information to create long-term, steady growth and solid partnerships.

We work direct. There is no intermediary. We own our offers. We own our data. We believe in transparent communication, awareness, and the opportunities a shared vision can yield. The direct approach eliminates guesswork and results in bigger and more meaningful gains. Throw in analytics and personalized account management, and the way forward becomes clearer.

We value clarity because it gives direction. This direction emboldens our well-rounded team to be creative and empowers our partners to concentrate on results, immediate and those yet to be realized. Together, we build a tangible level of trust, a path for growth and open-ended invitation to see what's over the horizon.

With technology constantly changing the route to success, we spend our energy not memorizing the map, but calibrating the compass.

Team Bios

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Mark Ward - President

Mark Ward is the President
of Clear Compass Digital Group

Throughout his career, Mark has established himself as a customer acquisition leader.

From 1998 – 2011, Mark ran America Direct and PharmDirectMail which were data and lead generation pioneers in finance, legal services, home services and healthcare industries. By working with many Fortune 1000 companies, Mark was able to leverage direct mail and, later, email marketing to drive successful customer acquisition campaigns. Client list included Wells Fargo, Amgen, Genentech, Boston Scientific, Tyco and hundreds of other companies.

In 2012, Mark rose to international prominence while director of marketing and creative services for SHOP.COM and Market America. SHOP.COM is a comparison shopping site with over 48 million items and Market America is a product brokerage company with 15 exclusive brand (cosmetic, skincare, vitamins, weight management, pet, jewelry, automotive and home cleaning products). In total, both companies operated 20 websites throughout 7 countries with over 70 million website visits, 3 million customers and 180,000 distributors worldwide.

At SHOP.COM and Market America, Mark proved he was a marketing visionary by creating record breaking omni-channel customer acquisition US and global campaigns such as SHIPFREE, OneLogin System and platform migration. However, his ability to spearhead new product launches for Carmelo's Champion Blend vitamins, Market America's Lumiere de Vie skincare line and many more further solidified Mark's reputation for thoughtful planning, flawless execution and world-class ROI on a global scale. On many occasions, CEO JR Ridinger fondly referred to Mark as "our CMO".

Mark's efforts contributed US annual revenue moving to over $505 million alone. Consequently, Market America jumped from #71 to #57 on the Internet Retailer's US Top 500 ecommerce list. The same year, Market America was named the #1 fastest growing m-commerce business by Internet Retailer. In Q1 2013, Lumiere de Vie launched a 12-month marketing push in the US and Taiwan with first month's revenue exceeding $3 million in each country and over $50 million annually. Overall, Mark's marketing directly contributed to the company's $500 million US annual sales revenue and over $1 billion in annual global revenue.

In November 2013, CEO Tim Sheehan (formerly Best Buy executive) and CMO John Lebbad (former Sear's and HSN executive) appointed Mark to the newly created position of digital marketing and creative director for Lazyday's RV – the world's largest revenue dealership with sales exceeding $600 million annually. In a March 2014 interview with RV Pro, Sheehan eluded to how excited he was to have Mark on his team.

While at Lazyday's, Mark was responsible for the creative vision in marketing planning, finalizing website redesign, managing over 2 million keywords, generating over 5,000 monthly sales leads, overseeing agency relationships, driving over 1 million monthly emails deployment, reporting on KPIs and presenting recommendations to CEO.  During his tenure, Mark's effort contributed at least $390 million in attributed bottom line revenue.

In 2015 Mark Ward, who has 20 years of marketing prowess under his belt, was identified as the perfect candidate to meet the ever-expanding, complex needs of Hawke Media. As head of strategy and an outsourced CMO, Mark brought a vast knowledge and decades of experience with some of the biggest ecommerce and marketing firms in the industry. Mark provided the digital marketing vision for companies such as BeautyCon's BFF Box, Rachel Zoe's Box of Style, Buscemi, SunWarrior, Meitu Apps, Razorgator, Flo Music App, Lauren Conrad's Paper Crown, Blue Steel, Thomas Wylde, Beau Ties of Vermont, DermaWand and others.

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We Can Work Together

We have something in common…we both want to grow our business. The right opportunities and the right relationships make that a reality. It begins when we reach out.

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Publishers Publisher opportunities include top payouts and revenue-sharing offers. We develop, design and test all proprietary offers in-house, and own our network offers. We can design exclusive offers upon request for our partners, in addition to providing creatives. With a dedicated account manager you will be able to reach at all times, questions and concerns will be addressed promptly. We value your feedback and suggestions to optimize and grow traffic, and EPCs. Enjoy real-time, multi-subid tracking, prepop instructions, and on-time payments…every time.
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Advertiser /Lead Buyer? At ClearCDG, we work closely with our clients from the beginning to understand their unique goals and expectations. We create unique landing pages, reporting, and filters to meet our buyers' needs. We rely on advanced analytics and proactive communication to grow our partnerships.
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List ManagersAre you looking for data or have data to monetize? We have over a decade of experience with list management, in both optimizing partners' data and guiding others to monetize our data.
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